recap spectrum meeting

Recap of Spectrum meeting in Pisa

The SPECTRUM consortium members gathered in Pisa, Italy on 8th of September 2022 to have the first face-to-face meeting, thus marking the official launch the project.
The meeting was organized by the Project Coordinator CNR Nano  (Instituto Nanoscienze – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche) and Scuola Normale Superiore. The meeting brought together more than 20 representatives of the consortium members to discuss the project activities. A part of the meeting was devoted to the monitoring of the progress of the project, discussing each work package in detail, before venturing into the definition of the future actions.

spectrum meeting

The project WP were discussed in detail. Each work package leader provided a short introduction to the progress that has been made and to the challenges that remain:

  • Work package 1 focuses on Design, fabrication and optimization of the QueSt. Accordingly, the growth and patterning of the superconducting heterostructures to be implemented was discussed. There are multiple attractive options to be tested but at this stage of the project, the team decided to focus on the most promising setup and aim for prove of principle.
  • Work package was dedicated to dynamic characterization of QueSt in relevant environment. The discussion dealt with the methods of characterization used in the project. Furthermore, the technical partners introduced their vision related with the QueSt testing and moved some specific queries, boosting an active discussion.
  • Work package 3 highlighted the actions performed on communication and dissemination and provided the partner with a clear roadmap of what will be delivered in the near future.
  • In work package 4, the focus was on technology transfer and exploitation. Involved partners covered the current status and decisions that must be taken in that regard, towards the end of the project
  • The work package 5 was devoted to project coordination, with a coverage of all administrative duties that the consortium must deal with.

spectrum meeting

After the presentations, the day continued with a visit to NEST where the participants had the opportunity to take a tour of the laboratory. The Pisa representatives introduced their facilities to the other partners, and the scientific discussion carried on from earlier, with more practical implications. The day was concluded with an excellent dinner that was the chance for the team to get to know each other better.