Spectrum GA online

Spectrum GA was held online in July 2023

Spectrum GA was held remotely on 5th July 2023. Representatives of each of the partners involved in the project met by videoconference to discuss the progress of the project and identify the best strategies to foster synergies between the various work packages.One by one, the task holders updated the consortium members on their milestones, ones discussing the developments of each WP, eventual deviations from the original schedule and issues that may have arisen during the activities, as well as impacts on other related tasks. Team also discussed together on how to mitigate eventual risks and how to capitalize on the new development opportunities that emerged research-wise. The main focus then shifted on some exploitation aspects of the project, that will be heavily focused in the next phases of the project life.

The meeting also acted as a final check, before the first year Review Meeting with the officer and the expert that it’s expected by the end of August.