Halloween Special: Who's afraid of Quantum Computing?

Who’s afraid of quantum computing? (Halloween Special)

Quantum Computing and its growing development – in which #Spectrum aims to play a role – have the potential to impact significantly our future and the technologies used in several sectors, as it offers the ability to perform certain computations significantly faster than classical computers.

So, that raises a “very Halloween question”: who might be afraid of quantum computing?

🎃 Old cryptography protocols: looking forward a little bit, Quantum computing could potentially break many of the cryptographic protocols used today. That means that those older protocols could be forced into retirement, leaving the field clear to quantum-resistant encryption methods.

🍬 State of art machine learning and artificial intelligence: Quantum computing could potentially enhance machine learning and artificial intelligence by speeding up the process of training and optimizing models, potentially generating a better understanding for them of complex, real-world scenarios. Sounds like science fiction, isn’t it?

🦇 Clouds: nowadays, cloud servers require massive processing power. What if it could be easily outstripped by an alternative, faster technology? Does that so-called quantum advantage mean that demand for classical computing in servers could decline dramatically over the next few years?

Also, as for now, quantum computing is still in its infancy, and many technical challenges must be overcome before it can become a practical tool for widespread use. Until then, those technologies can sleep safe and sound! 👻